Teacher-Student Relationships

Riding the Wave

By: Jeremy S. Adams

Deftly navigate the constant cycles of change and truly thrive in the classroom with the support of this actionable resource. Build strong relationships with classroom management strategies and empowering leadership. Achieve professional fulfillment by responding to changes in education with meaningful self-care.


I’m Listening

By: Beth Pandolpho

Rely on I’m Listening to help you drive deeper, more meaningful learning by integrating relationship building into lesson design. Increase student engagement with social-emotional learning to create a positive learning environment.


Building Bridges

By: Don Parker
Foreword by: Robert Jackson

Nurture positive student-teacher relationships to improve student engagement, behavior, and achievement for youth at risk. Research shows that discipline problems are one of the greatest challenges in education. In Building Bridges, author Don Parker shows educators how to address this issue head-on.


EMPOWER Your Students

By: Lauren Porosoff, Jonathan Weinstein

Discover how to use the elements of EMPOWER—exploration, motivation, participation, openness, willingness, empathy, and resilience—to make school a positive, meaningful experience for students.


Embracing a Culture of Joy

By: Dean Shareski

Discover how to equip students with the skills and qualities they’ll need to achieve academic success, by bringing joy to classrooms each day.

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