Designed to Maximize Efficacy and Impact

ProPath Learning

Create the condition for your entire team to focus on developing their professional knowledge and skills at a pace that fits within the scope and relevance of their daily work.

Rely on this next-generation professional learning management system to help you:

  • Understand perceptions of your certified staff through a 56-question survey, recent work products, and building artifacts presented in one comprehensive report
  • Identify certified staff efficiencies and deficiencies across five school improvement competencies including: Leadership, School Culture, Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Roster each staff member into a professional learning curriculum that focuses on three to five standards per school-improvement competency
  • Leverage the expertise of a certified coach to help guide your teams every step of the way through the identified curriculum
  • Monitor your team’s progress through online dashboards, quarterly reviews, and individual educator reflections
  • Provide staff members opportunities to earn micro-credentials as they acquire new skills and facilitate easy sharing of teaching and learning best practices

Highly Effective Schools Accreditation

Together, the Professional Learning Communities at Work® process and the High Reliability Schools model are our best hope for significant school improvement.

Built on the foundation of these complementary, research-backed approaches, Solution Tree’s Highly Effective Schools Accreditation process recognizes schools and districts committed to achieving and maintaining the highest levels of educational quality.

Through Highly Effective Schools Accreditation, you will:

  • Validate the high-quality work being done across your school community
  • Align your school improvement efforts to the PLC at Work process and HRS model
  • Identify implementation gaps and develop growth area action plans
  • Receive formal assessment and evaluation of your school’s progress from our team of PLC and HRS experts
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality to community stakeholders and parents