Virtual Classrooms

Creating the Anywhere, Anytime Classroom

By: Casey Reason, Lisa Reason, Crystal Guiler

Discover the steps K–12 educators must take to facilitate online learning and maximize student growth using readily available digital tools.


Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning

By: Scott McLeod, Julie Graber

Discover the 4 Shifts Protocol for integrating technology in the classroom, a clear approach that promotes deeper, personalized learning across subjects and grade levels. This quick read will help guide you through educational technology integration and digital learning space creation.

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Learning Without Classrooms

By: Frank Kelly, Ted McCain, Jason Ohler

Foreword by: Jason Ohler

Transform how your school operates to better prepare students. Learn how the six areas of school management and structure—school and community partnerships, instruction, school timing and scheduling, physical learning environments, educational technology, and budget—intersect to affect students’ academic performance.


NOW Classrooms Series

By: Solution Tree Authors

This practical series presents classroom-tested lessons that connect technology to key learning outcomes and prepare students to succeed in the 21st century.


Game On

By: Ryan L. Schaaf, Nicky Mohan

Discover how to incorporate digital games into lessons in order to improve learning and prepare 21st century students for college and careers.


From Pencils to Podcasts

By: Katie Stover, Lindsay Yearta

This practical resource provides K–6 teachers with suggestions for incorporating technology into literacy practices and illustrates ways technology can deepen students literacy development.


The End of School as We Know It

By: Bruce Dixon

Reimagine school practices to meet the needs of modern learners, and let go of assumptions about the effectiveness of traditional schooling.


Solutions for Digital Learner–Centered Classrooms series

By: Suzie Boss, Katelyn Donnelly, William M. Ferriter, Michael Fullan, Meg Ormiston, Douglas Reeves, Will Richardson, Ryan L. Schaaf

With a short, reader-friendly format, these quick reads deliver practical, high-impact 21st century strategies to enhance instruction and heighten student achievement.