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Beyond Conversations About Race Virtual Institute

We find it difficult to talk about race. We find it even more difficult to develop a plan to eliminate the inequities rampant within our schools and communities. Join our education thought leaders as they tackle the issues of racism, cultural incompetence, and complacency.

Tolerance alone is a very low bar—let’s aim higher. Use this powerful event as a springboard for teachers, administrators, and community members to enter into respectful dialogue that creates a call to action and a plan to do better.

Portable Event Package

Bring a PLC at Work® or RTI at Work Institute directly to your personal device.

With our Portable Event Package you will:

  • Gain 30-day unlimited access to three keynote sessions and 15 breakout sessions of your choosing
  • Receive event materials, including a program guide, resource book, event T‑shirt, and a copy of the latest issue of AllThingsPLC Magazine
  • Participate in virtual team time guided by a PLC or RTI at Work expert who will help clarify any questions and guide you on possible next steps
  • Qualify for a bookstore discount during your 30-day virtual event access

75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes

We’ve listened to educators like you and understand that you are seeking answers to your most urgent questions about keeping kids engaged in hybrid or remote learning. We also know that you are busier than ever before and don’t have contiguous time dedicated to professional learning.

That’s why we created our 75-Minute Immediate Impact Institutes to provide meaningful guidance within a time that works with your schedule. These tailored-for-you virtual professional learning sessions deliver insights and learning outcomes to address the challenges facing educators during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Each 75-minute session is led by a leading expert in the topic, so the knowledge and insights offered are exceptional. Best of all, you can access the learning at any time for up to 30 days after content activation.

The Summit on PLC at Work® Portable Event Package

Build and sustain a strong, collaborative professional learning community. This unique Portable Event Package brings together some of the brightest, most respected minds in education. You’ll hear dynamic keynotes and watch powerful breakouts designed to help infuse the PLC at Work® process into every aspect of your school or district.

Whether you are just beginning to build a PLC or need to regroup for your next steps, this self-paced event provides practical knowledge based on the three big ideas that drive a PLC, delivered by experts who know the process best. You will finish the virtual learning experience ready to work collaboratively to achieve outstanding results for the students you serve.

Mind the Gaps Portable Event Package

Led by our team of experts, this event offers targeted virtual sessions that detail how to proactively address rapidly widening achievement gaps across grade levels and subject areas. Teachers, leaders, and teams will learn together how to determine essential learnings, accurately measure student progress, and develop a system of interventions for learners who need additional time and support.

Remote Teaching Portable Event Package

Join us at our Remote Teaching Portable Event Package to learn how to deliver high-quality instruction to all distance learners.

  • Discover specific steps every educator must take to ensure student equity in a remote learning environment.
  • Understand how to successfully implement a blended learning approach that includes both face-to-face and remote teaching time.
  • Learn how to use evidence—pretests, testing results, surveys of teachers at previous grade levels, etc.—to identify where to spend your instructional time.
  • Explore digital tools that can be used to successfully engage learners, whether they are working from home or in your classroom.

Time for Change Portable Event Package

The Time for Change Portable Event Package is more urgent today than ever before because the stakes for students are higher than they have ever been. Join Anthony Muhammad and Luis Cruz as they provide school leaders with the necessary tools to bring out the best in both faculty and students to create an environment where parents are pleased to send their children to school.

Soluciones Portable Event Package

Our Soluciones Portable Event Package is designed to fully prepare leaders, teachers, parents, and community partners to eradicate learning gaps for ELs during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Top educational thought leaders share specific, practical ways to virtually connect with students from diverse backgrounds and help them overcome the barriers they often face. You will gain a unique combination of research-based strategies and best practices as well as the know-how to develop an actionable plan for creating an equitable and inclusive distance-learning environment for your English learners.

Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package

In a time of relentless stress and change, it’s crucial for adults in schools to prioritize their own self-care, so they can be at their best for themselves and their students. The Virtual Professional Wellness and Self-Care for Educators Portable Event Package is thoughtfully designed to support a healthy, balanced, and meaningful professional life for all school employees—from teachers, administrators, and support staff to social workers, nurses, and counselors.

Schoolwide Best Practices During Remote Learning Portable Event Package

The return to in-person schooling remains a question mark. The great news: we now know what works best for remote learning. A body of research and new evidence is available to help ensure students receive exemplary learning experiences regardless of location.

Choose this Portable Event Package for yourself and your team to learn directly from our expert practitioners as they share best practices for school and districtwide policies, remote instruction, and coaching and embedded professional development. Participants from your school will also discover how to fully support parents as vital members of your learning team and respond to every student’s academic, social, and emotional needs quickly and strategically.

Getting Connected! Integrating Social-Emotional Learning into Remote Teaching Portable Event Package

A crucial part of our job as educators is connecting and building relationships with our students. Right now, it can feel like a total disconnect. Remote learning doesn’t have to mean distant learning. Join our thought leaders and expert practitioners as they share strategies to close both our learning gaps and the social and emotional distance our students are feeling during these unprecedented times. The research is incontrovertible. Integrating SEL strategies improve academic performance, social behaviors and attitudes while lowering levels of distress and attendance and conduct problems.

Best Practices for Classroom Assessment in a Virtual or Blended Environment Portable Event Package

Designing and employing quality assessments in a virtual or blended environment can be a challenge. How do we know the information students produce offers a comprehensive and honest representation of what they know and can do? How can we navigate the challenges of some students remaining in a virtual environment, while others are in school? And how can we best prepare for the unknown circumstances before us? With this portable event, you will learn directly from Solution Tree Assessment Center experts as they share tips, strategies, and tools to help you navigate modern uncertainty with readiness and confidence.

Wired Events

Learn together by streaming a custom Solution Tree event to your entire school community.

Choose a Wired Event to:

  • Build a tailored agenda using recorded event sessions from our most sought-after experts
  • Receive support from a certified PLC or RTI at Work™ associate who will lead your event and facilitate group discussions
  • Build efficacy among staff, cultivate a positive team spirit, and use collaborative team time to help achieve your desired learning outcomes
  • Select a resource from a list of our best-selling titles to give to each attendee